Taido Beginner Course

25-Feb-2019 – 28-Mar-2019

Discover what Taido is all about with our beginner's course: 10 sessions for only $50!

This program has been designed to introduce you to the main techniques and themes of Taido whilst allowing you to build body control, strength, stamina, agility and spatial awareness. In gaining or improving t...

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We're taking a break from our regular training over the summer holidays, but don't worry - we'll be back.

Regular training starts again on Februrary 4th at 19:30. See you there!

If you'd like to participate in our of our casual park training sessions, get in contact: melbtaido@gmail.com

Summer is coming and NOW is the time to be working on your dogibody! Check out this amazing progress after 8 weeks of our Taido program! Only YOU can achieve your dream body by making changes to your lifestyle!


Training prices

  • Casual class

  • Half-yearly subscription

  • Yearly subscription

  • Beginner course

    10 classes run over 5 weeks, beginning 25th Feb.


8 months ago
Taido is a really cool, modern and dynamic martial art from Japan, not very well-known (yet) in Australia. This club is new and therefore still small, but it has the support of the larger UNSW club in Sydney (where Taido started in Australia) as well as the worldwide Taido community, which is tight-knit, like a family. It also means our two coaches Kellie and Dave can give their full attention to each member, which is awesome. The club provides a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere that is excellent to help learn a challenging sport. You barely notice how tiring it is until you hurt all over the next day ;) I find Taido very enriching because of its many aspects: It aims at developing a strong and able body of course, but also a quick, confident and flexible mind, as well as strategic thinking. I would recommend it for anyone, with or without previous martial art experience (I had absolutely none).
- Emilie S
8 months ago
A great club to train martial arts with some amazing people..
- Tanvir K
9 months ago

What is Taido and Who Are We?

Taido (躰道, "the way of the mind and body") is a modern, dynamic and holistic martial art from Japan. It is a striking martial art (attacks strike with the feet, fists, elbows, knees etc.) which also uses body axis changes, footwork, and a strategic attack/defense flow. We also use acrobatic movements to practice body control. To see what all that combined can look like, have a squiz here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNq7Q5RHx1E

Whether you've always been curious about martial arts, are looking for something new or simply want to get fitter and smarter, Taido will deliver. Here is what it can help you with:
- strength
- stamina
- reflexes
- body control
- flexibility
- confidence
- focus

We are always looking to recruit new members in Melbourne as we are the first Taido club here! It all started with informal trainings in South Yarra in 2017 when we founded a non-profit association. In 2018, we've been lucky to find amazing venues at the Aquatic & Fitness Centre on Victoria University's Footscray Park campus. Even though we're on a university campus we're not just for students - we are open to everyone.

Our teaching environment is very personal, friendly and relaxed. As highest grades (black belt), Kellie and Dave are our instructors (sempais). They are both experienced teachers and offer true individual coaching so you'll progress at your own pace, wherever you're starting from. You'll soon learn that we're a joyous bunch who also like to joke around (and have cake), so don't be shy!
Taido is challenging and may look intimidating, but that means beginners never get bored and the results will surprise you.

We train every Monday from 19:30 to 21:30 and every Wednesday from 17:00 to 18:30 in the dance studio (level 4) at VU's Aquatic & Fitness Centre (building L) on the Footscray Park campus. We offer several price packages adapted to a student's budget:
- $15 per session on casual rate
- $80 10-session pass
- $250 per semester (can be paid in 2 quarterly instalments of $125)
- $480 per year (if you sign up for a semester/year, it comes down to about $5/training)
Plus the following offers: 20$ discount if you sign up a friend

When you sign up, you’re not just becoming a member of Melbourne Taido: although not very famous (yet), we’re a big family! You’ll be joining the umbrella Australian Taido association (with the “mother club” at UNSW in Sydney) and the worldwide Taido community with representatives in Japan of course, but also in the USA, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Portugal... We all gather regularly for international competitions and workshops, so you’ll have opportunities to travel and meet taidokas from all over the world.

Contact us at melbtaido@gmail.com or via Facebook should you have any questions – we're looking forward to meeting you! 

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